Children in Estonia


This report focuses on the child as an individual in the here and now and is based on an understanding of children as representatives of a separate social group, with their own rights and needs and as active re-constructors of their own realities. Although almost ten years have passed since Estonia joined the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, neither children nor adults have clearly acknowledged the rights of children. The child is often perceived as the result of a problem, when he/she is brought to the attention of a specialist. Even then, adults may not believe what the child reports, as his/her truth may appear to be a fabrication or cause the adults to question their own ideals, values and persuasions. The Report is a collaborative work by specialists and scientists who work with children and by children who have participated in various research programs. Go to: Published by   Estonia , Tartu Support Centre for Abused Children, Soonets Ruth(Estonia) Created   30.12.2002