Women's Forum



Name of organisation or agency in English:Women's Forum
Name of organisation in local languageKvinnoforum
Country or countries of activitiesSweden
AddressKarlbergsvägen 77 SE -113 35 Stockholm
Telephone+46 (0)8 56 22 88 00
Organisation emailinfo at kvinnoforum dot se
Type of organisation:Non-governmental
Contact person 
First name(s) Last nameMs Carolina Wennerholm
PositionHead of International Department
Languages spokenSwedish, English
Telephone+46 8 56 22 88 27
Personal emailcarjo at kvinnoforum dot se
Assistance and support given to children by the organisation:Legal assistance
Psychological counselling
Social assistance
Assistance in safe return to country of origin

 Kvinnoforum offers expertise in gender issues and in managing diversity. With a unique gender approach, Kvinnoforum's expertise comprises the following areas: - Capacity Building - Drug abuse and Treatment - Education and training - Empowerment - Evaluations - Gender and Development - Education and Training - Leadership - Networking - Organisational Development - Reproductive Health and Rights - Resource Mobilisation - Small Business Development - Trafficking - Women and Politics